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[Transcript] [Audio, 46:42] Q & A.:

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Archbishop: What gift do we leave our children? 12 Jun 2012.

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Pause for Thought message on the Diamond Jubilee, 31 May 2012. [Transcript] [Audio, 2:52]

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—;Lecture 1: ‘Outsiders and Insiders: Paul’s Social World’, 2 Apr 2012. [Audio, 52:26]
—Lecture 2: ‘The Universal Welcome: Paul’s Disturbing Idea’, 3 Apr 2012. [Audio, 49:08]
— Lecture 3: ‘The New Creation: Paul’s Christian Universe’, 4 Apr 2012. [Audio, 49:43]

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[Audio, 7:44]

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Part 2: 1:38:25

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